Brakes Calipers


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Vélo New Gear offers excellent quality brake calipers for your fixies. Our brake calipers are sold individually, either for the front brake or for the rear brake. They are direct replacements for the stirrups offered on our range of fixie bikes as well as most of the fixies sold on the market. Do not hesitate to watch our videos on our Youtube channel to facilitate the installation of these.

Based in the Montreal area, Vélo New Gear offers a wide variety of parts or quality bikes according to your tastes and at the best price on the market. Take advantage of several delivery options across Quebec and Ontario. Visit us through our website or directly in store.

Price in store: All affiliate stores are independent of Vélo New Gear. In-store prices may differ from those displayed in our web store.


Color: Black 

Size: 37-55mm

Position: Front/rear brake

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