A: We accept payment by credit card, cash and Interac transfer. Payment by debit card is possible for purchases under $ 100. Only the credit card will be accepted in our online store.

A: Unfortunately, due to the large number of choices available, we cannot offer the entire selection in store. In addition, Vélo New Gear gives store owners the choice of inventory they want. The “fixies without option” bikes will only be sold at the online store as well as promotions / promotional codes.

A: Unfortunately, due to the transportation costs, the customer service offered in store as well as the cost for assembling the bike, the price between the website velonewgear.com and the affiliated stores will be different. Consult the website of the store near you to find out the current price.

A: Hi-Ten steel is the traditional material used for the construction of a bicycle frame. The steel frame has a long service life. It is cheaper to buy but heavier than Chromoly. Chromoly is a high-quality steel alloy. A Chromoly frame allows you to enjoy the benefits of steel without its faults. Chromoly is elastic, comfortable, durable and more resistant to corrosion. Being able to use thinner tubes when designing the frame, your bike will be lighter than a Hi-ten steel frame bike.

A: This dimension represents the width of the wheel profile. More simply, it is the width of the colored part on your wheel.

A: A machined wheel will not have paint on the section where the brake pads touch the wheel. A metal strip of about 1 cm will be visible near the tire.

A: We can bring your unassembled bike only to certain locations in Montreal. Our affiliated retailers have a large selection of our products. All details appear in the Delivery section

A: In freewheeling, you have the advantage of stopping pedaling even if you are moving forward with the bicycle. This mode resembles conventional bikes. In fix, you cannot stop pedaling when the bike is moving. This mode allows you to go faster and get less tired. Some adaptation is required!

A: Many of our bikes are sold and delivered unassembled. By assembling his bike, you will get your bicycle at a lower cost.

A: No, they are available on our website, at the bottom of the page, by clicking: Bike assembly.