Velo New Gear offers several rim possibilities for your Fixie. All of them have their sealed hubs to prevent water infiltration into the ball bearings, have a double wall of aluminum to guarantee high rigidity and their size is 700c. Our rear wheel has a reversible hub (Flip-Flop) that can be installed in fixed mode (Fix / Fixed Gear) or freewheeling (Single Speed). It now remains to choose your wheel according to its color, profile and brake track (Machined or non-machined).

Phew !! How to untangle everything!


The profile is the width of the wheel, the dimension of the painted part. This dimension is represented in millimeters (MM).

Choice available: 20MM, 30MM and 45MM


Your wheel may be engineered or not engineered. A non-engineered wheel will be painted on a brake track. A machined wheel will have no paint on the brake track. The track will be metallic gray. Engineered wheels will be more effective when braking.

Brake track: Non-profiled strip on the outside of the wheel on which the brake pad touches when braking.


What is the difference between assembling the rear wheel in freewheel (Single speed / Freewheel) or in fixed (Fix / Fixed gear)?

In freewheeling, you have the advantage of stopping to pedal even if you are advancing with the bicycle. This mode resembles conventional bikes.

Fixed mode does not allow you to stop pedaling when the bike is moving. The rear wheels drive the pedals allowing you to go faster and get less tired. Some adaptation is required!